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willow & sage salon

This Is Us

Vanessa Rockey and Marie Gutto have known each other for over a decade. In December 2019 they joined forced to open Alova Salon and all was going well... Fast forward through a few shall we saw eventful years and we decided it was time for a refreshing rebrand. We wanted to really dive into what our guests were needing.

Comfort, Peace, Tranquility, and a little hair sanctuary from the world outside our doors. 

Welcome. Feel free to click on either of our pages to learn more about each of us.   


We know its important to a lot of guests to know who they're supporting. Here's just a few of our core values:

  • We Believe in Reproductive Rights & Bodily Autonomy.
  • We Want Our LGBTQ+ Guests To Know We Love & Support Their Entire Community.
  • We Are Always Happy To Work With Guests On Their Gender Affirming Hairstyles In Private If They Prefer (Just Let Us Know).
  • We Support Preferred Pronouns.
  • We Believe in Equal Rights For All.
  • We Believe Black Lives Matter.
  • We Do Not Allow Racist or Homophobic Comments In Our Salon.
  • We Believe in Science...And Climate Change...And Vaccines...And Masks.
  • We Believe in Freedom of Religion, All Religions.
  • We Do Not Believe Those Religions Belongs Anywhere In Lawmaking.
  • We Believe We Can All Do & Be Better, But Being Better Starts With Listening To Each Other With The Intent To Find A Common Ground.
With All That Said, We Still Believe Our Salon Should Be A Place To Relax And Leave The Heavy Topics Outside.

If that's important to you, We are happy you agree with us. If those things are not important to you, or you disagree on a few things, and you're just interested in having a fantastic salon experience, We are still happy to have you in our chairs. We try to keep our salon light, happy, and focused and happy things. You're with us to relax and get pampered. Our salon is a place to rest, relax, and reset.


Enjoy The Hair Sanctuary.

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