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My Make-Overs


2018 Winner Bangstyle Supreme Stylist

2017 Winner Bangstyle Supreme Stylist

2016 Winner SOYA Color Visionary Of The Year

2015 2nd Place Eufora Make Over Madness

2015 Winner EuforaStyle Competition

2014 Winner Eufora Make Over Madness

2013 RAWartists National Hairdresser of the Year

2013 2nd Place Eufora SOYA Make-Over

2013 2nd Place Eufora SOYA Contemporary Classic

2013 2nd Place Eufora SOYA Avant Garde

2013 2nd Place Eufora SOYA Team Collaboration

2011 2nd Place Eufora SOYA Make Over

2011 2nd Place Eufora SOYA Contemporary Classic

2010 2nd Place Eufora SOYA Make Over

Hello, I'm 

Vanessa Rockey 


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Hello Friend, Welcome to Willow & Sage. I’m Vanessa and I’ve been lovingly helping people achieve their hair goals in the Bay Area for over 20 years.


The last few years has taught us that we all could use a lot more relaxation in our lives. I like to offer that extra step for those who need some quiet time by offering "Silent” appointments. Let me know when you arrive. For those not looking for a silent appointment, I love connecting with my guests through stories about my guests pets or interesting shows they’ve found to watch.


I have been a Eufora Educator since 2005 & one of only 10% of hairstylists in the country to hold the hard earned title of American Board Certified Haircolorist. I’m thoroughly trained in color correction and proper coloring techniques. I absolutely love taking and teaching classes on color, cutting, styling, & even avant garde hair sculpting through out the country.

While most stylists specialize in a specific technique like balayage, my specialty is in customizing colors and cuts to help each guest celebrate their inner and outer beauty.


Whether you are looking to transition into your gray, or hiding it to become a "natural" blonde, brunette, or wanting to go boldly red like me, I'm here to help make that happen. How we get to those colors can happen in many different coloring techniques.


My favorite cuts to do are above the collar bone. I live for a gorgeous pixie or a classic bob. But, and its a big one, I also LOVE cutting curly hair and can help you achieve less frustration with your natural texture. I do my best work with medium to loose textured curls. The kind that can't seem to commit to being curly or straight.


I would love to work with you on your hair journey. The best way to get started with me is to head to the New Guest Pageand complete the new guest form that applies to you and then request an appointment. If you're unsure what service to book. You can send in the form and I will get back to you with how to proceed

I use Eufora Low & No Ammonia Hair color as well as Eufora Haircare Products Behind The Chair

Schedule Notes. "Haircut Only" Appointments are only scheduled between 11am-4pm on weekdays.

Phone/Text (408) 890-8137

Booking Online Is The Quickest Way to Get On Our Books

When I'm Not In The Salon

I’ve been a confirmed cat lady my whole life until I adopted Poppy Roo the mini Aussiedoodle. on Nov 30, 2022. She wasnt supposed to be "mine" but she has become my little loving but destructive shadow.  She's just over a year old so the teenager years have hit and shes very interested in my shoes. Cats are so much easier but they dont give me 8 spinnies every time I come home. Those are the best!

I love to go camping with friends in Big Sure where I whip up fancy camp meals in my camping mansion tent. I’m a newly minted plant mama and very proud I haven’t killed the plants in the salon yet. I used to reject all things meditative and crystally, but a quick look around our salon will show you, I've embraced pretty rocks and have learned to find more peace in my quiet times, without being too over the top about it. I'm still dabbling in it and I love hearing from people who know more about it than I do. I'm just a super crafty artist who has worked in clay, metal, fabric, hair, jewelry, drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, building, etc. I've run a successful Etsy shop selling jewelry (and masks during the pandemic closures) since 2011. That’s me in a nutshell.

My Editorial Work

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