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Your Hair Sanctuary

Willow & Sage is an eco-friendly salon conveniently located in Campbell, CA near Wholefoods inside Sola Salons at the Hamilton Plaza shopping center. Our goal is to provide our guests with a professional and comfortable experience that leaves them feeling amazing and refreshed when they leave us. Through continuous education, we are able to balance creativity and skill set to serve and inspire our community. We look forward to creating your perfect look to fit your lifestyle and authentic self.

heart shaped plant

Eufora Products

At Willow & Sage, we use Eufora eco-friendly products. Eufora's core line is based in pharmaceutical grade aloe vera gel and uses no artificial fragrances or filler ingredients. Its Sulfate, Paraben and Petroleum free.

Vanessa uses Eufora Color line exclusively, which is processed in a 99.9% eco-friendly and clean facility in Italy. They even grow trees on the factory floor to make sure the air is clean and safe. It offers both no and low ammonia options with low scent and great results. You no longer have to sacrifice results, in order to prioritize quality ingredients.

crystal garden

We think crystals are pretty. Do we know everything about them and their metaphysical characteristics? Nope, but we are learning. Mostly, we think they're pretty and therefore, we have a little corner dedicated to sharing what we think some of our guests might think are pretty too. Everything in our corner is for sale. If you're curious what healing properties each crystal may hold, we have a few books on hand to help look it up for you. These rocks has certainly sparked Vanessas curiosity. There has to be a joke in there somewhere about her last name being Rockey and her deep appreciation of pretty rocks right. If you're curious about anything in the corner, or anything else you see as decor in the salon, just ask her. She can probably tell you a little about it.

Crystal Corner

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